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Providing Creative and Innovative Solutions to Your Most Pressing Needs. 

TSC Serves as a Compass on Your Journey to Success.

Accreditation Consultants


T. Scott Consulting presents a winning team, with 100% of our consultation clients receiving CARF accreditation. We provide services to a wide range of behavioral health agencies in the United States, serving both small and large-scale organizations. To maximize your organization's success, we provide  continual services to maintain quality assurance. For more information, call 248.508.1675 .


T. Scott Consulting prepares and assists organizations in receiving CARF Accreditation. We don't simply advise, we work side by side with your agency to ensure that you put your best foot forward throughout the accreditation process. 


Our team of consultants has a proven record of developing and maintaining systems that drive process improvement,

 program goal attainment, and standard conformance. 


Evidenced by 100% Successful CARF Attainment 

Specialized Services

 T. Scott Consulting tailors its services to meet the precise needs of each individual client; providing  services for Behavioral, Medical and Mental Health Organizations.

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