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CARF Accreditation Prep

T. Scott Consulting is your best option when preparing for CARF accreditation. Through collaboration with your team, our consultants will assess your organization and produce and implement agency-specific recommendations to ensure your agency puts its best foot forward.

TSC provides thorough policy and procedures reviews assisting, as necessary, with policy development and procedure implementation. We ensure that policies and procedures meet all applicable standards, including but not limited to federal, state, and CARF.  

CARF maintains rigorous standards, yet is collaborative with its clients in the accreditation process. Our role is to create, alongside our clients, the necessary documents, processes, and systems to provide precise accreditation readiness through ensuring conformance to the standards based directly on each program's standards manuals.   

TSC offers an exemplary training series that not only meets the requirements for CARF accreditation but also through an interactive process, engages and educates staff on the skills and concepts vital to their roles within your organization. 

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